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ImproMed, Inc. is proud to announce it has made a $210.00 donation to the World Wildlife Foundation on behalf of the veterinary community.
SimonDR announced today the completion of advanced integration of their veterinary digital x-ray detectors with Quantum Medical Imaging's X-Ray generators. Integration to an x-ray generator allows SimonDR's WhiteCap software to control both the digital x-ray detector and the x-ray generator without operator input.
ImproMed, Inc is pleased to announce TeamViewer as its newest method of providing clients with interactive, experienced system support.
ImproMed, Inc. is proud to announce Dr. Robin Downing of Windsor Veterinary Clinic in Windsor, CO, is the recipient of ImproMed's 2008 Outstanding Veterinary Contributor Award. This is the fourth year ImproMed has selected a client that provides outstanding contributions to the veterinary community to receive this award.

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