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News IconImproMed Releases Latest Infinity Version

Oshkosh, WI (July 1, 2009) – ImproMed is pleased to announce the release of their latest Infinity version, v4.4. This major program release contains enhancements and developments pertaining to integrations, DICOM Imaging Conformance,, program features, and updates to Infinity’s Support Tools and continues to provide Infinity users with the World’s Most Powerful Practice Management Software and service.
Infinity v4.4 can now assist users by generating an electronic test request for IDEXX Reference Laboratories with LabREXX® through Infinity. Infinity will populate LabREXX® with the appropriate practice, client, patient, and provider information. Once a request is printed and submitted to IDEXX Reference Laboratories, Infinity automatically invoices for the lab work to help prevent missed charges. When complete, Infinity will automatically import results into the patient’s medical record.
Version 4.4 continues to provide DICOM Imaging Conformance options attributable to integrations with the following DICOM systems: Sound Technologies, Eklin Medical Systems, Sedecal, Fovea, Schick Technologies, SimonDR, Universal Ultrasound, FUJIFILM Medical Systems, Vieworks, Hudson Digital Systems, and VETInfo SYSTEMS., the Web site aiding the veterinary professional with the creation and distribution of professional, inexpensive marketing and reminder cards, now supports excluding patients with an upcoming appointment, and the ability for members of the site to upload the collected data directly to
Other Infinity v4.4 enhancements include the ability to send an e-mail from the software with attachments and use E-mail Topics from all Print Preview screens as well as the Inventory, Medical Records, Certificates, and Desktop modules. Invoice-Driven Medical Records are introduced to in Infinity v4.4. Medical Record Notes, SOAPs, Problems, and other items can be created automatically based on the invoicing of particular services. Additionally, medical record and prescription information can be added to Infinity’s Take Home Instructions, making for more personalized and detailed communications for pet owners.
Infinity’s NEW Medical Record Terms provides practitioner’s the ability to enter medical records quickly and efficiently while utilizing standardized terminology. The Medical Record Terms are fully customizable and offers practices the ability to create fast, standardized medical records to meet the specific needs of each veterinarian.
Infinity’s Support Tools was also updated to offer a dedicated help system to assist users in performing tasks to allow for the gathering of information directly from Support Tools as opposed to opening Infinity.
“ImproMed set out to create a new version that was rewarding to our customers and offered a tremendous advantage in relation to our integration partners, and we are pleased to release the result of this process,” said William Randolph, VP of Technical Services. “Infinity v4.4 helps our customers significantly reduce missed charges and manage the productivity at their practice, and shows our ongoing commitment to industry standards and to helping our Infinity users.”
ImproMed was rated #1 in Client Satisfaction in the 2008 Trends survey, and is a world-leading developer and provider of business and medical management software for the veterinary industry. Since its inception in 1979, ImproMed’s continuing mission has been to provide veterinarians with the best software and knowledge management solutions by carefully monitoring changes in the veterinary medicine field and implementing program suggestions from their clients.

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