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News IconImproMed Offers All-Around Support and Performance to Customers

Oshkosh, WI (November 3, 2009) – ImproMed, Inc. is pleased to announce that it is offering the 3ware 9650SE RAID controller card to its customers in all of its RAID servers.

The 3ware card is essentially the “brains” of the RAID Servers that delivers unmatched performance, robust fault-tolerance, and multi-terabyte capacities. It serves as a disk array controller to manage the hard disk drives in the computer.  

An invaluable attribute of the 3ware controller card is the built-in e-mail option that will e-mail ImproMed of any warnings occurring on the RAID Array or hard disks. This feature is to insure any related problems can be identified and corrected by ImproMed in a timely manner with little to no downtime.
ImproMed also goes beyond and installs a Backup Battery on the 3ware card to protect the customer’s system from data loss in case of a power failure. 
“ImproMed’s Raid 5 Server configuration is an all-around support and performance solution for our clients. With the steady enhancements and reliability of the 3ware franchise, we chose to ensure the most access and least impact from a hardware failure in our servers,” said Gary Bench, Director of Technical Support.
ImproMed was rated #1 in Client Satisfaction in the 2008 Trends survey, and is a world-leading developer and provider of business and medical management software for the veterinary industry. Since its inception in 1979, ImproMed’s continuing mission has been to provide veterinarians with the best software and knowledge management solutions by carefully monitoring changes in the veterinary medicine field and implementing program suggestions from their clients.

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