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News IconImproMed Gives Web Access to Clients to Test Latest Version

For the first time in the history of the veterinary practice management industry, ImproMed, Inc., is allowing its Infinity clients to participate in testing the newest update, Infinity v4.0,

Ron Detjen, president, states "By using the Internet and having our clients participate in testing, ImproMed has created a stronger link between doctors, veterinary staff and the software developers."

Customers who access ImproMed's Online Customer Support Center will now have the ability to request a login through the Internet so they can test the Infinity v 4.0 update and give feedback. By allowing clients the capability to test Infinity v4.0, the quality of ImproMed's newest version will be that much stronger.

Some new features and modules in this new release are Information Center, Scheduled Communications, Clinic Census, Time Management and Linked Documents.

ImproMed is an award-winning, world-leading developer and provider of business and medical management software for the veterinary industry. ImproMed also provides education, technical support, hardware and service that add up to the industry's most powerful total solution. ImproMed's first software, introduced in 1979, delivered accurate record-keeping, faster invoicing, and better management than the industry had previously seen. Since its inception, ImproMed's mission has been to help veterinarians manage their practice better through the use of the industry's most trusted computer software system.

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