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Oshkosh, WI (April 15, 2008) – The employees of ImproMed, Inc. are giving back to their local community by volunteering their time through the ImproMed Employee of the Month Volunteer Day program.
Since January 2007, ImproMed has been offering each Employee of the Month a Volunteer Day. This Volunteer Day is a paid day off where employees are given the opportunity to reach out to area organizations in need. Recipients of this award are also given the option of offering their volunteer day to a co-worker. 
Numerous employees have taken their time and given back, including Dr. Michele Ramseier, IT Developer Matt Crile and Marketing Partner Mari Hankwitz.
Dr. Michele Ramseier, ImproMed’s Medical Analyst/Software Writer, took her volunteer day as an opportunity to spend time with her 6-year-old son. The day before Holiday Break in December 2007, she was able to help her son’s teacher by assisting with their class party, preparing gifts, and monitoring the playground.
“It was so nice to spend that time with my son, especially since he was ‘Star of the Week,’ so he was able to show me off,” said Dr. Michele. “And the teacher was thrilled to have the extra help on a day when the children’s excitement level was so high.”
“Volunteering and receiving this volunteer day proves that our company really cares about us as employees, and the world we live in!”
“As an IT Developer, I thought it appropriate to donate my time in my area of expertise. So I took my own volunteer day and another employee’s to purchase and build a Web Site for my church, the First United Methodist Church of Oshkosh,” wrote Matt Crile. “During the 2 days, I was able to create the site and incorporate a flash introduction, maps and directions to the church.”
Steve Kaeher is the Pastor at the church and he was thrilled with the website Matt was able to design for them.
“People in the congregation have commented positively on the website, and we have brought in new members that came to our church because they found us on the Internet. We are so pleased with Matt’s creation and we’re looking forward to making the site even better in the coming months.”
The site can be viewed at
Marketing Partner Mari Hankwitz wanted to take her day to spend some time in a familiar place, Park View Health Center in Oshkosh, WI, during their Open House promoting their new facility.
“My mother was, and my aunt  currently is, a resident of this facility so it was a pleasure for me to donate my time on two occasions to promote their new building,” said Mari. “My sister and I took the time to greet VIP guests and give away a small gift to the over 300 attendees – including members of the medical community, the United Way, administrative directors of neighboring nursing homes and Home Healthcare.”
“As long as ImproMed employees are willing and excited to take the time to give back, we’ll continue this program,” said ImproMed President Ron Detjen. “ImproMed is proud to call Oshkosh home to the world-leading developer and provider of veterinary business and medical management software, and we’ll continue to show our devotion to Oshkosh and surrounding communities.”
Since its inception in 1979, ImproMed’s continuing mission has been to provide veterinarians with the best software and knowledge management solutions by carefully monitoring changes in the veterinary medicine field and implementing program suggestions from their clients.

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