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News IconImproMed Announces Outcome of "ImproMed Listens" Program

ImproMed, Inc., the world leader in the development of veterinary practice management software, is pleased to announce the results of their "ImproMed Listens" Program.

The "ImproMed Listens" Program was initiated in 2003 based on suggestions made by ImproMed DOS and Infinity customers. The outcome of this program has allowed ImproMed to be the first and only practice management company to allow customers to test the latest Infinity update online.

With this new feature, Infinity customers can log on to ImproMed's Web site to track the progress of the newest release, Infinity v4.0, and make any comments or suggestions directly to the programming team.

"With our customers guiding the design of Infinity's latest release, a more user-friendly and ascetically pleasing software program has become the result," said William Randolph, ImproMed's Vice President of Programming.

ImproMed is an award-winning, world-leading developer and provider of business and medical management software for the veterinary industry. ImproMed also provides education, technical support, hardware and service that add up to the industry's most powerful total solution. ImproMed's first software, introduced in 1979, delivered accurate record-keeping, faster invoicing, and better management than the industry had previously seen. Since its inception, ImproMed's mission has been to help veterinarians manage their practice better through the use of the industry's most trusted computer software system.

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