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News IconBarton Heights Veterinary Hospital wins 2005 ImproMed Best Place to Work Award

Oshkosh, WI (February 7, 2005) – ImproMed, Inc. is pleased to announce that Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania has been awarded the 2005 Annual ImproMed Best Place to Work Award. Once a year, ImproMed seeks a client who demonstrates an outstanding professional atmosphere to receive this award.

ImproMed commends Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital for creating an efficient team environment with a family-oriented atmosphere. By creating and maintaining this atmosphere, Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital has been able to maintain over one third of their staff for more than ten years. This provides the hospital with a solid business foundation and a highly experienced and competent work force. The entire staff has fine-tuned their professional abilities and communication skills while expressing genuine compassion and willingness to contribute to a positive work environment.

"Our hospital functions much as a large family with affectionate teasing and competition and an occasional flare of emotion among the staff. But when it comes to caring for our patients, we are all committed to doing our best for those entrusted to our care” said Lorraine Weiss of Barton Heights.

This genuine care for the patients stems from the care and encouragement that is given to the staff. Barton Heights continuously provides opportunities for growth and improvement with in-house training programs as well as offering professional conferences and meetings. In the Barton Heights team, all members have the opportunity to provide suggestions and information for improvements where it is given fair consideration.

Dr. Craig Ott and Dr. Mark Burch own and run Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital along with the assistance of Lynette Ott, Practice Manager, and Dr. Gregg Raino, Staff Coordinator. Every day, these partners work side by side with the staff to ensure the quality of medicine and act upon client feedback. Their active involvement gives them the ability to effectively react to changes and advance the hospital as a business.

Contributions to the positive work environment at Barton Heights extends from the building itself. The Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital was specifically designed for optimal function as a veterinary hospital. Dedication to up to date equipment and software provides the latest knowledge and technology available which in turn allows the staff to provide the best patient care possible.

ImproMed is proud to acknowledge Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital for top quality care of clients and staff through dedication to a positive atmosphere with the First Annual Best Place to Work Award, and commends them for a job well done.

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