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Issue: 72 - Dec 15, 2014
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5 Tips for Increasing Your Client Lifetime Value

By: Louise S. Dunn
Snowgoose Veterinary Management Consulting

Building relationships is what client service is all about. Your marketing endeavor is more than simply trying to get the word out, it is about getting the attention of both old and new clients, it is about bonding with clients and building your brand, and it is about converting shoppers into loyal clients. Have you ever considered the cost of attracting new clients? The cost of building loyal clients?

Building Great Leadership Within Your Practice

By: Marsha L. Henke, CPA
Marsha L. Heinke, CPA, Inc

What makes a great leader? How can I be a leader in my practice or on my team? The answer is simple

but not so simple: it depends on the person and the situation. No two people are alike and no two

situations can be handled in the exact same way. Leadership development is a personal, life long


Five Hot Trends for 2015

By: Heather Lewis
Animal Arts

At Animal Arts, we are excited to see a new optimism in the veterinary market. Many practices forced to put projects on hold during the recession are now planning and building, and the industry is scrambling to stay ahead of this rapid growth. Growth encourages innovation, and for the first time in years we are seeing many new products and technologies in veterinary medicine.

Game Changers

By: Dr. Phil Zeltzman
Dr. Phil Zeltzman1

The rules and goals of business are changing in the 21st century. Are you aware of them? Are you able to “contribute your strengths to work that inspires you and that aligns with your values?” Here are the guidelines to become a “game-changer.”

We Fix Holiday Puppies!

By: Dr. Patty Khuly

’Tis the season. Yet again, it’s time for veterinarians across America to wring our hands over the holiday pet thing. If you’re anything like me, it’s a love-hate issue, for sure.

Get Yourself (and Everything around you) Connected

By: Dr. Robert Malinowski
Robert Malinowski, DVM, MA

If you’re like most people out there, you have an assortment of devices that you use to access your information. This typically includes a smartphone, laptop and tablet. There are also some exotic devices that are starting to become more main stream. Connected watches, rings and eyewear (such as Google Glass) are slowly being added to repertoire of items that we carry on our person.

The Dark Side of Discounting: You Get What You Pay For

By: Jan Miller, Veterinary Best Practice
Veterinary Best Practice

I do not know how this discounting culture got started in Veterinary medicine. Having worked for over 25 years in human medicine where discounts would never enter a conversation, I constantly wonder why veterinarians continue to devalue themselves in this manner.