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Issue: 71 - Nov 14, 2014
Henry Schein Rapport
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Who Wants to be a Real Millionaire?

By: Dr. Phil ZeltzmanPhil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS, CVJ
Dr. Phil Zeltzman1

Are you a millionaire? Do you want to be a millionaire? Will you ever be a millionaire? Our colleague became one…

Breed Specific Client Education

By: Dr. Steve Kornfeld, DVM, CPCC
Veterinary Success Services

Let's say you came across a new medication for heart disease in dogs. You want to educate your clients on this breakthrough drug and create demand for it. So you send an e-mail to everyone in your data base and you even send letters and postcards to those clients whose e-mail you do not have ...

AntiVirus Software is Dead: Now What?

By: Joe Dysart
Joe Dysart

Earlier this year, AntiVirus King Symantec sent shockwaves through the business community with the statement that antivirus software was 'dead' - leaving vets and other businesses wondering - now what ...

10 Ideas for your Blog or Website Posts

By: Maureen Blaney Flietner
Mavourneen LLC/MBF Communications

If you write for your practice’s social media sites, you know that repeatedly coming up with a topic can get to be a chore. Reposting videos from the web and publishing cute animal photos only works for so long and visitors won’t be able to tell your practice from every other one doing the same thing ...

Wintertime Blues: SAD, Compassion Fatigue and Depression

By: Chery F. Kendrick, DVM, MPVM, MLT, CFS
Kendrick Technical Services, LLC

As fall seems to be racing into winter, let’s take a look at a few special ‘seasonal’ OSHA topics:

• Seasonal Affective Disorder

• (SAD) Compassion Fatigue

• Depression

Stress the Pet - Stress the Vet

By: Sally J Foote DVM, CABC-IAABC
Dr Sally Foote

Many of the veterinary publications have been addressing work related stress in veterinary medicine. Our profession experiences stress from many different areas. High student debt, client expectations, and compassion fatigue are some of the common factors that contribute to our stress. All of this is true, but there is one more work-related stress that is unspoken in veterinary medicine ...