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Issue: 62 - Feb 14, 2014
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How My Friend Fixed My New Hire Problem – Part 1

By: Louise S. Dunn
Snowgoose Veterinary Management Consulting

Interviewing, meeting, evaluating, hiring, training…fixing…fixing…firing, hiring…. The cycle becomes exhaustive and frustrating. Sometimes, all it takes is for an outsider to walk through your system and you discover a few easy tweaks to streamline your process and remove the risk of the revolving door of hiring employees.

OSHA Updates: February through April OSHA Posting Requirements And Other Winter Tidbits

By: Chery F. Kendrick, DVM, MPVM, MLT, CFS
Kendrick Technical Services, LLC

February burst on the scene this year with a deep freeze, more snow and the wonderful groundhog prognosticator. It also led to that sudden sinking feeling that there was yet another form, some OSHA form that needed to be posted. Ah yes that OSHA 300A Summary of Illnesses and Injuries form. That’s what we had forgotten!

“Do You Know Where You’re Going To?”

By: Peter Weinstein, DVM, MBA
Veterinary Success Services

In 1975, Diana Ross starred and sang the theme song to the movie, Mahogany. The song title is the same as the title of this article ...

Today’s Entrepreneur

By: Heather E. Lewis, AIA, NCARB
Animal Arts

The February 5, 2014 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association published an opinion piece by Charles G. Kels, JD about the death of the entrepreneur in human medical practice ...

Seven Bad Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Veterinarians

By: Patty Khuly VMD MBA
Patty Khuly VMD MBA

Got bad habits that affect how you practice? Join the club! To my knowledge, there’s not one of us here in the running for veterinary sainthood. Indeed, perfection is, by definition, impossible. But progress? Now, that’s a beautiful thing!

Mastocytoma: Comparing Options of Traditional Therapy to Kinavet-CA1® (masitinib mesylate)

By: AB Science
AB Science

Background: Mast cell tumors (MCTs) are among the most common forms of cancer in dogs [1]. The origin of MCTs is a deregulated proliferation of normal cells in the skin (mast cells) that leads to a dangerously abnormal growth of these cells and formation of a tumor ...

How to Create a Top Notch Practice in 2014

By: Dr. Phil Zeltzman
Dr. Phil Zeltzman1

Wanna start 2014 with a bang? How about going from a regular practice to a premium practice? Everybody claims to offer the best medicine and the best customer service. Do you? Check out these 8 steps to greatness.

Recruiting Via the Web: With a New Crop of Tools, Even Easier

By: Joe Dysart
Joe Dysart

With technology’s relentless evolution, veterinarians have a fresh crop of digital tools they can use to pinpoint hot recruiting prospects in cyberspace, and grab la crème de la crème before they get away.

Brushing Up on Pet Dental Health

By: Kristel Ewald, Marketing Specialist

Educate your clients about the importance of routine dental care

Join us at Vet Summit 2014!

By: Vet Summit
Veterinary Technology Summit

Where can you find expert insight on the most pressing practice management issues, combined with cutting-edge software training classes and the latest technology solutions from leading vendors?