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Issue: 59 - Nov 15, 2013
Henry Schein Rapport
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Instruments of Terror

By: Dr. Sally J Foote DVM CABC-IAABC
Dr Sally Foote

Last week as I was holding a spoon of baby food that an anorexic cat was finally eating, my tech laid the ear thermometer on the floor next to me. The cat took one look at the thermometer, stopped eating, turned away and crept to the back of the cage as I stayed motionless with the baby food. I asked her to remove the thermometer and when she did, the cat came right back up to me eating the baby food ...

Scooping Up Facebook Content

By: Joe Dysart
Joe Dysart

New feature allows re-posting of glowing testimonials for veterinarians ...

Keeping the Season Bright

By: Kristel Ewald, Marketing Specialist

Build a stronger client relationship experience throughout the year

Not Getting Through? Try The Secret Passageway

By: Dana L Durrance, MA
Dana Durrance, M.A.

Have you ever been talking with a client and know you’re just not getting through? I’m sure you’ve been there... they’re sitting there right next to you; you’re being as sincere as you know how, and yet nobody seems to be home but you. When I’m caught in these quandaries, I use the board game Clue© as my inspiration ...

MRSA: A New Zoonotic Threat?

By: By: Chery F. Kendrick, DVM, MPVM, MLT, CFS
Kendrick Technical Services, LLC

We see a lot in the news these days about MRSA, defined by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) as:

Cut Energy Use and Help Your Bottom Line

By: Maureen Blaney Flietner
Mavourneen LLC/MBF Communications

When the owner of a small business got a utility bill larger than the month before – for no apparent reason, she started to keep tabs on her energy usage. By the next month, her bill had been cut in half ...

You Don’t Need Photoshop™ to Use Images

By: Michael LoSasso
Shamrock Direct Media

Tips for incorporating images into your practice marketing

Ultimate (But Cheap) Customer Service

By: Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS, CVJ
Dr. Phil Zeltzman1

Do you spend money to advertise in the Yellow Pages? On Google? On other web sites? Are you overlooking the best and cheapest form of advertisement? Here are some suggestions to help you improve your customer service… and your bottom line ...

The Shortest Way to Results is Taking the Right Action

By: Dr. Steve Kornfeld, DVM, CPCC
Veterinary Success Services

In an environment of gradual but constant decline in client transactions, it has become significantly more difficult to stand out from the crowd and attract the kind of clientele that can allow one to have a profitable and fulfilling career ...