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Issue: 57 - Sep 15, 2013
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Worth Their Weight in Gold – The “Priceless” Team Member Learning Objectives

By: Louise S. Dunn
Snowgoose Veterinary Management Consulting

• Improve employee engagement through the use of OBM

• Monitor Human Resource & Production KPIs that will help you gauge team member engagement

• Gain the competitive edge in hiring and retention using specific Human Resource KPIs for team members

Warning! Do Not Try Open Book Management of Sharing Any Numbers Until You Read This!

By: Louise S. Dunn
Snowgoose Veterinary Management Consulting

The past three articles detailed various ways Open Book Management (OBM) can be used in a veterinary practice. This final article wants you to put the brakes on and consider some important points before you decide to try OBM in your practice ...

2nd Annual Virtual Trade Show!

By: Henry Schein Animal Health

2nd Annual Trade Show at 11/12 & 11/13/2013!

3 Creative Twists on the Old To-Do List

By: Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS, CVJ & Kelly Serfas
Dr. Phil Zeltzman1

Time management is a myth. Time management is really self-management. Today we share 3 pearls to help you manage your time… and yourself.

Are Your Clients Listening to you, or Someone Else?

By: Michael LoSasso

I’m sure your clients listen to you, but only during the 15 minutes you spend with them, once a year.

The rest of the time, they are listening to breeders, groomers, and Dr. Google. Why? Because they are accessible, and because they interact with them more frequently than they do with you and your hospital ...

7 tips for Those With Small Marketing Budgets and Little Time

By: Maureen Blaney Flietner
Mavourneen LLC/MBF Communications

With small budgets and little time, business owners, office managers or other staff members charged with handling the marketing for a small business can feel overwhelmed.

It can be difficult enough to just keep up with regular posts to the company’s social media sites, much less think about other efforts. Too often, then, marketing is squeezed in as time allows ...

Computer Health 101

By: Robert Malinowski, DVM, MA
Robert Malinowski, DVM, MA

The internet can be a dangerous place. Every day, you have the potential of encountering countless things that can damage your computer and compromise your personal information. Threats come in a wide variety of forms, with names like viruses, malware and spyware. The creators of these malicious bits of computer code have varying objectives ...

Veterinary Ratings Sites

By: Martha D. Jack
old eConverse Social Media Consulting Inc

Whether your veterinary clinic has a social media presence or not, I’m sure you are hugely protective and aware of your clinic’s reputation and how clients are speaking publically about your staff, clinic, fees and medical knowledge ...

Why Cleaning Counts: The Do's and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Hospital

By: Heather E. Lewis, AIA, NCARB
Animal Arts

Cleaning is a chore. It's not something many veterinarians want to think about too much. The problem is that in hospital settings, cleaning is very important. A clean and fresh smelling building reflects well on you and your practice, and it gives your clients confidence about your level of care. In this month’s post, let's review some common do's and don'ts for keeping a hospital clean ...

Mobile Email Marketing: Now, too Critical to Ignore

By: Joe Dysart
Joe Dysart

Ignore the needs of mobile device users when you market your veterinary business via email, and you’ll leave trunks of money of the table, according to two new reports on email usage ...

A Melancholy Memorial

By: Nathaniel Nehrbass

How a lack of client communication made for one terrible holiday weekend

Schmoozing for Fun and Profit

By: Peter Weinstein, DVM, MBA
Veterinary Success Services

Now more than ever, the building of relationships is the key to a successful business. As people are forced to make more and more decisions with their pocket book at the expense of their heart or relationships, they are more often choosing to leave long standing businesses with whom they did frequent business for a less costly option. This is not just at the local Starbucks or hair salon, this is with healthcare providers as well.