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Issue: 56 - Aug 15, 2013
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3 Actions That Increase Accountability

By: Amanda L. Donnelly, DVM, MBA
ALD Veterinary Consulting, LLC

One of the biggest management frustrations for veterinary practice owners and managers is inconsistent job performance. Why is it that some employees excel while others lack initiative in the workplace and demonstrate poor attention to detail? Employers and managers often think these employees lack motivation or have a poor attitude which isn’t always true. The real issue in many practices is one of lack of accountability. All too often, employees aren’t held accountable for their inadequate job performance ...

OSHA Pays a Visit: Two Very Different Inspection Experiences

By: Chery F. Kendrick, DVM, MPVM, MLT, CFS
Kendrick Technical Services, LLC

Amazing how the simple becomes unnecessarily complicated, especially when you are dealing with arrogance and greed. Here is the story of two very different OSHA inspections I experienced over the past couple of months. The results and subsequent conversations with the inspectors were very enlightening ...

Be Different or Die

By: Dr. Phil Zeltzman
Dr. Phil Zeltzman1

All clinics claim to offer the best medicine in town. All clinics pretty much have the same “on hold” recording. The problem with conformity is that there is nothing to distinguish one clinic from the next. So how is a client supposed to choose between clinics, besides prices? Here are a few suggestions to get you started ...

Who’s Backing up Your Data?

By: Nancy A. Dewitz, Technology Consultant, DVMConnexx, Inc.

Every week 140,000 hard drives crash in the United States

Backup protocols are discussed but not always followed

Worth Their Weight in Gold – The “Priceless” Team Member Learning Objectives

By: Louise S. Dunn
Snowgoose Veterinary Management Consulting

• Improve employee engagement through the use of OBM

• Monitor Human Resource & Production KPIs that will help you gauge team member engagement

• Gain the competitive edge in hiring and retention using specific Human Resource KPIs for team members

Why Understanding Your Practices’ Demographics is Critical to Your Success

By: Jan Miller
Veterinary Best Practice

A large part of my consulting practice is conducting demographic (trade area) analysis. There are two distinct clients for demographic studies:

1. Potential new practice owners.

2. Existing practice owners.

You can probably guess that the majority of my clients for these studies are the prospective new owner ...

Expertise: A Powerful Leadership Tool

By: Jessica Goodman Lee, CVPM
Brakke Consulting, Inc.

Being a leader is not easy, but being a successful leader is downright difficult. There are many different forms of power that a leader can both use and exploit to assist them in their position, many of which can have some pretty problematic side effects. For example, while using the power of position, the power to give rewards, the power to punish and the power to control information may have some strength in limited situations, they ultimately place the person, or people, being led in an unhealthy position of weakness ...

Behind Door #3: Ethics Exhaustion

By: Katherine Dobbs, RVT, CVPM, PHR
interFace Veterinary HR System

As the veterinary profession struggles with how to define and cope with the emotional aspects of the work we do, we have recently identified two concepts, burnout and compassion fatigue. Behind Door #1 is BurnOut, simply defined as the stresses caused by our interaction with the work environment. Among the list of causes is the feeling of having no control over the quality of care provided, and a conflict between individual values and organizational goals and demands. Behind Door #2 is Compassion Fatigue ...

Want Less Aggressive Patients? Change Just One Thing

By: Dr. Sally J Foote CABC-IAABC
Dr Sally Foote

Change does not come easy for many of us. Habits are deeply entrenched and our brains even go to a default setting to that habit which makes change even more difficult. At some point, we see an undesirable result from our habits - then we are open to consider that we need to change. But how ...