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Issue: 55 - Jul 15, 2013
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Increasing Clients’ Trust and Referrals

By: Amanda L. Donnelly, DVM, MBA
ALD Veterinary Consulting, LLC

You don’t have to have a big budget to attract new clients. Instead, focus on your current client base and let them be your greatest source of advertising. To do this, start by making sure everyone on your team appreciates what drives pet owner buying behavior so they can deliver more of what clients want. Follow these practical tips and strategies to build trust and rapport with clients which will lead to greater client loyalty and more referrals.

Connect with Industry Professionals

By: Veterinary Technology Summit
Veterinary Technology Summit

The 2013 Veterinary Technology Summit is where you will find a wealth of information, inspiring keynote speakers that provide the opportunity for CE credits, and the latest technologies and services from top industry vendors. You will find, through our curriculum and expert team of trainers, this investment will deliver tremendous results. However, the real payoff comes when you take this newly learned knowledge and ideas back and start the implementation process. No matter what your role in your practice, this event has something for you!

Worth Their Weight in Gold – The “Priceless” Team Member

By: Louise S. Dunn
Snowgoose Veterinary Management Consulting

Learning Objectives:

• Improve employee engagement through the use of OBM

• Monitor Human Resource & Production KPIs that will help you gauge team member engagement

• Gain the competitive edge in hiring and retention using specific Human Resource KPIs for team members

Search Me: What Would a Potential Client Find?

By: Maureen Blaney Flietner
Mavourneen LLC/MBF Communications

You may spend hours each week getting your message out to the online public. But how often do you check to see what people are finding about you when they perform a search?

It’s a good practice to routinely check what’s out there. After all, that’s what others are finding. What you find may then help you tweak your ongoing online presence.

Here are some tips to consider ...

When Behavior Problems Kill Treatment Plans (and the pet)

By: Dr. Sally J Foote CABC-IAABC
Dr Sally Foote

Veterinarians are often presented with the sick pet - vomiting, lethargy, weight loss and more. Often we can see that this pet has not been sick very long, and the problem though it will take some money and time to work up is likely treatable or manageable. As you present your client with the treatment plan, the client is weighing the cost/effort of work up and the value this pet has to them ...

Making Sense of the New Credit Card Surcharge Rules

By: Accelerated Payment Technologies
Accelerated Payment Technologies

As a result of a multi-billion dollar class-action lawsuit against the major card brands, a new law went into effect on January 27, 2013 that allows merchants the option of passing merchant services fees on to consumers ...

How to know What to say to Clients

By: Dr. Steve Kornfeld, DVM, CPCC
Veterinary Success Services

Knowing exactly what to say to clients, and how, is a crucial part of the success in practice, as is the ability to measure the impact of what is said on the results. Knowing this is the difference between reacting to circumstances and being in control of them ...

YouTube’s Redesign: Getting your Veterinary Business to look good on all Computer Devices just Became Effortless

By: Joe Dysart
Joe Dysart

Veterinarians looking for a quick fix to an increasingly vexing challenge – getting their Web presence to look good on all screen sizes, be it on smart phones, tablets or desktop PCs – may want to turn to YouTube ...