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Issue: 32 - Aug 15, 2011
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Become Proactive In Your Practice

By: Steve Kornfeld DVM, CPCC
Veterinary Success Services

Consider for a moment what is the most likely occurrence of a clinical case in veterinary practice. The pet is sick- the client calls in- the client makes an appointment- the pet is brought in. In other words, the pet needs care- the practice provides this care. The client doesn’t think the pet needs care- the client is oblivious of preventative care- the client does not call- the practice doesn’t do anything about it- there is no appointment- people complain that business is terrible ...

Non-Compete, Non-Solicitation, and Non-Disclosure: What are they and do we need them?©

By: Charlie Deutsch (DVM, Class 2011), Susan Fielo and Charlotte Lacroix DVM, JD
Veterinary Business Advisors

Congratulations! You have a thriving practice and have hired your first associate veterinarian who will not only share the workload but help build up your caseload and the practice’s goodwill. This hopefully will translate into more free time and higher profits!! Your new associate immediately embraces the culture of your practice and everyone upon meeting her instantly loves her. Life couldn’t be better ...

How to become the Master Blaster of Efficiency

By: Dr. Phil Zeltzman
Dr. Phil Zeltzman

"I feel like I haven't accomplished anything today"

"I haven't done anything this week end"

"I didn't see time go by"

Do you ever feel that way? These feelings are often a sign that you need a better time management system ...

Common Veterinary Student Questions

By: Jared M. Pelcic
Marsha L. Heinke, CPA, Inc

With a new class of veterinary students graduating and entering the business world, and our CPA firm taking on several of these students as interns, Marsha L. Heinke, CPA, Inc. wanted to find out the most common questions that veterinary students entering their profession have for CPAs that they didn’t learn in school. Here are a few of these popular new-graduate questions answered ...

Are you Gambling with your Data?

By: Jackie Kempf, Marketing Director, ImproMed, LLC - a Butler Schein Company
ImproMed, LLC

Does your practice currently have an online backup solution? If not, this article is a must-read. And if you do have an online service, this article will make sure that you’re using the one best designed for your practice’s specific needs ...

Compassion Fatigue and the Veterinary Team: Developing Detached Concern

By: Dana Durrance, M.A.
Dana Durrance, M.A.

Veterinarians constantly struggle to find a balance between caring too much and caring too little. Detached concern is the ability to detach from situations sufficiently to maintain sound medical judgment and equanimity, while simultaneously maintaining enough concern for patients and clients to provide them with sensitive and understanding care. When veterinarians can practice with detached concern, they are able to maintain appropriate boundaries between their personal and professional lives ...

Back to School For Your OSHA Program, Too!

By: Chery F. Kendrick, DVM, MPVM, MLT, ASCP, CFS
Kendrick Technical Services, LLC

The end of summer brings changes in staffing as summer hires return to school and employees who are parents see a more orderly schedule return to their lives as their children report back to class. “Back to school” should also signal a fall cleaning period for your OSHA program. Some of the things we need to look at ...

Social Networking for Puppies and Kittens

By: Dr. Sally J. Foote
Dr Sally Foote

One of the leading reasons for surrendering dogs to shelters is due to a variety of bad behaviors, many of which could be prevented with socialization at an early age in the puppy. Of these behaviors aggression lead the list, but not far behind was fear of unknown people, fighting with other dogs, and over activity. I attended the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior's annual meeting in St. Louis in July ...

Becoming a Supervisor: Relationship Management

By: Katherine Dobbs, RVT, CVPM, PHR
interFace Veterinary HR System

Gone are the days when management says “jump!” and the employee replies, “OK, how high?” Now, when management says “jump”, the employee replies, “why should I?” Gone are the days when credentials, age, or experience automatically gained you the respect of others. Now, respect has to be earned from every employee on every level of the hierarchy. Gone are the days when a person worked for the company, and enjoyed a mutually beneficial loyalty throughout their entire professional career. Now, it’s all about relationship management, and over the span of a career there may be many of these relationships with many different bosses. More than ever, those of us in management have to pay attention to the quality of our relationship with each employee, in order to coach the best performance from them for the benefit of the practice ...

Optimizing Email with Social Media: With New Tools, It’s Easy

By: Joe Dysart
Joe Dysart

Veterinarians looking to get a handle on social media as a promotional tool have found an easy solution: simply integrate the medium into existing e-mail marketing programs.

For some, this fusion of social media and e-mail marketing seems inevitable. The study “View from the Social Inbox, released earlier this year by Merkle (, for example, found that active social networkers are also likely to be avid e-mail users. All told, the study found 42% of social networkers check their e-mail four or more times a day, as compared to just 27% of those who don’t socialize online ...