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Issue: 75 - Mar 16, 2015
Boost your Practice’s Social Presence
By: Martha D. Jack
Econverse Social Media Consulting Inc.

The fact is, your social media presence can only work for your practice if you have an audience to engage with. In order reap the marketing, promotional, and engagement benefits of social media you need to carefully create a relationship with your audience base. Here are some helpful tips to boost engagement and increase your audience base for your practices social media platforms.

  1. Create a dynamic voice: There is a huge amount of content and niche markets on social media, so how can you make your audience pay attention to you? Ensure that you have a dynamic voice and persona for all of your social media platforms. Keep posts short, easy to read and fun. Social media platforms are not the place for long lectures and airing of grievances. Be as charming online as your practice is in person. Being personable can keep things interesting for your audience makes sure your voice doesn’t get lost in all of the social media “noise”.
  2. Share interactive materials: Videos, pictures and articles are a great way to get important information out to your clients and give them an opportunity to interact and connect with your practice. This can be practice-created content or curated selections from the web that reflect your practice’s personality. Set Google alerts for veterinary news, share YouTube videos and post or share photos. Social media users have a frame of reference for these types of posts and will be more than willing to like, comment and share them, presenting more opportunities for your practice’s name to get out there. Also note that it is perfectly acceptable to share video content shot from a mobile phone, gone are the days of needing to have a camera crew to create video content.
  3. Consistency: Make it easy for yourself and your audience by creating a schedule for your posts. Being consistent with your engagement is a great way to stay relevant and in the minds of your audience. Outline how many posts you want to put up each week and stick to that schedule. Facebook has a great scheduling tool for community and business pages which lets you schedule your posts all in one sitting and automatically post them for set times. Similarly, if you have difficulty creating new content for each day, make a schedule of what type of content you release for each day of the week. For example, on Mondays share a veterinary news article, Tuesdays share a picture of one of your furry clients, Wednesdays share your practices newsletter, etc. This takes the pressure off of having to constantly generate new content while still staying dynamic and relevant.

The amount of time and effort you put in to your social media presence will directly reflect how much and how enthusiastically your audience and clients interact with you. What are your practice’s favorite ways to engage with your audience or your most popular post’s content?