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Issue: 70 - Oct 15, 2014
A New And Different Parasite Treatment
By: Dana L Durrance, MA
Dana Durrance, M.A.

It’s unlike any other kind of flea, tick, or heartworm treatment you’ve ever seen. It doesn’t come in a bottle, tablet, or even injectable form. It’s revolutionary, and might just save your professional life from early burn-out! What’s this miracle drug you ask? It’s only ONE simple word: “NO!”

How many of you ever really say this terrifying word without some type of fear or guilt creeping up into your gut? Do you ever really feel that you have permission to actually utter it without the ground collapsing underneath you? What are the personal and emotional consequences of you never saying it? As a caring veterinary professional, you work hard to be all things to all people. Your very profession requires that you give so much of yourself in everything that you do whether it’s helping your patient or the person at the other end of the leash.

My concern for you is this. If you labor under the notion that saying “No” makes you a bad professional and by extension…a bad person; you will never be able to care for yourself without feeling guilty. Don’t fall for this perilous trap. You can-and MUST say “No” to certain people and in certain situations. This is especially true for the clients or other people that have become parasites in your life (you probably already know who they are). Your ability to set limits and boundaries with people is essential for survival in your demanding career.

One strategy for learning to say “No” is this; imagine what someone you admire and respect would say to the same request. Is it reasonable? Does it exceed your responsibilities or abilities? If you feel uncomfortable with a request, but always end up accommodating, think about what dangerous patterns you are getting into. Why do you always give in? If it’s to avoid conflict, you may want to weight the relative costs of avoiding conflict versus burning yourself out.

Yes…conflict is never a picnic, but if handled openly, it can also result in better communication and make life far better than it was before.

Try this miracle drug for yourself. If you’re feeling really reluctant, try practicing it in the shower. Shout “No!” at the top of your lungs! Have fun with it and you might just find it to be an incredible cure!