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Issue: 69 - Sep 15, 2014
Social Media Content Idea Generator
By: Martha D. Jack
old eConverse Social Media Consulting Inc

Even if you have an extremely well-organized, managed and active social media presence, there are still times when you cannot think of a great content idea or don’t have the time in your busy day to think of something. Or you may find yourself in a social media rut, constantly creating the same type of post.

When you find yourself in that situation, here’s a veterinary-specific “cheat sheet” for coming up with a great social media post to showcase your clinic and connect with current and future clients.

Content Category


Clinic news

“We are pleased to welcome Dr. X to our clinic”

Staff news

Dr. Smith will be away from May 1-15th.  He is going on an African safari and we look forward to seeing pictures of the African wildlife when he returns.”

Continuing Ed.

“3 of our technicians attended a dental conference last weekend.  They are excited to bring that knowledge back and start utilizing it within the clinic”

Clinic events

“This Saturday we will be having our annual dog wash for charity event – we hope you can join us!”

Clinic reminders

“Did you know that we carry 15 different types of pet food diets?” or “Did you know we provide boarding 365 days per year?”  Remember that not everyone knows every detail about your clinic.

Seasonal Reminders

“The holiday season is upon us…if you are decorating with poinsettias, remember that they are poisonous to your furry friends”

Pet-related news stories

“Interesting story in today’s newspaper about pet insurance (link)”

Charitable initiatives

“Our clinic is pleased to be helping the area humane society by collecting pet food. You can drop your donations off at the clinic until December 21”

Photos of clinic staff

Create a photo album of all of your staff members so that when clients arrive, they are already familiar with your team

Question of the day

Pose an open-ended question to your users “Do you dress your pet up for Halloween?” Asking questions opens up a variety of conversations. 

Links to articles

Check veterinary resources such as, etc. to find articles that will be of interest to clients. Ensure that they are from a reputable source and that the content is relevant

Links to clinic website

Periodically, direct users to a specific page on your clinic’s web page, such as the “Services,” “Virtual Tour,” or “About Us” page. Use a link tracker such as so that you know how many people click through to the page.

Logistical information

Holiday hours, parking information, reminders for appointments

Odd pet stories

Link to an article or video about a interesting or heroic pet or veterinary case

Fill in the Blanks

Similarly to “Question of the day,” pose a question to the audience, such as “My pet eats _______ times a day”        

Thank yous

Periodically, thank users for supporting your clinic and engaging with your page

Link to interesting YouTube video

Find an entertaining or informative video on YouTube and link to it.

Photo sharing

Encourage users to post pictures of their pets to the clinic page (consent forms not needed). It’s great if these can have a theme, such as pets enjoying a rain storm.


Ask a vet-related trivia question, such as “how many teeth do puppies have?” or “How many bones does a guinea pig skeleton have”


Verify recall is legitimate and post information regarding the item recalled. 

Tips and Tricks

Having problems bathing your new puppy?  Give one or two tips and then reference an external link to your website


Photos will be some of the most popular posts on your page…look for every opportunity to share photos (with the correct permissions)