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Issue: 69 - Sep 15, 2014
How to Write Email Your Client Will ACTUALLY Read
By: Karen Karnis, Content Writer at LifeLearn.
LifeLearn Inc.

If your clients are anything like you, they are trying their best to filter through a deluge of email every day, often deleting some without reading them. Your challenge is to create emails that your clients will open.

Good Communication

Whether you are talking about a one-on-one message to a specific person, or a marketing message to your email list, effective communication happens when clients open the message, receive the information, and respond in some way. The information is relevant, of interest to the recipient, and constructed in a way that captures attention in their inbox.

Anatomy of an Effective Email Message

  1. Start with a sticky subject line:
    1. Be brief.
    2. Trigger curiosity.
    3. Don’t give away the message, try to sell anything, or overpromise what the email is about.
    4. Don’t be afraid to use names – the client and/or the pet.
    5. Don’t be afraid to use humor.
  2. When appropriate, use an attractive image. This is more in the case of marketing messages, but can be appropriate in one-on-one emails, depending on the subject.
  3. Add interesting copy, but not too much:  Less is more, because even if someone opened the email, they may look at a big blob of text and think, “Nope! Next.” Leave lots of space. This makes the email more appealing and less intimidating. Think of it like an elevator: when it’s crowded, all you want to do is get out.
  4. Keep it short, simple and focused – one concept that can be absorbed quickly. And no preaching! You’re trying to bond with people and get them interested in coming in to your office.
  5. Be sure to include a call to action! Ask them to call for more information, book an appointment, read an article on your website – the whole point is to trigger a need for more information.

End with a signature that includes:

Your name.

Your practice address and telephone number.

Website and social media links.

An option to unsubscribe, or stop receiving further emails.

Effective Education Through Email?

If you have to keep your emails short and simple, it seems counterintuitive that you can use them to educate clients. Fortunately, it is possible!

When you are in an exam room and tell a client what follow-up care, tests, or procedures you recommend and why, chances are they will go home and look online for more information. You can make sure that what they’re reading is reliable, accurate, and consistent with your in-office messaging by using the ClientEd Online library that integrates with your ImproMed software.

Let’s look at a sample message: Subject: Rufus’s bad breath! Hi John,

As promised, here is some more information about dental disease, and the cleaning procedure we have booked for Rufus:

Dental Disease in Dogs: [Link]

Dental Cleaning in Dogs: [Link]

After the cleaning you will find that Rufus’s breath will smell much better, and he’ll be feeling great again! If you have any questions about any of this, don’t hesitate to ask.


Dr. Smith

ABC Animal Hospital

123 Main Street, Springfield (555) 555-5555


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Karen Karnis, Content Writer at LifeLearn.

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