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Issue: 62 - Feb 14, 2014
Brushing Up on Pet Dental Health
By: Kristel Ewald, Marketing Specialist

Don’t let your clients ignore their pet’s bad breath!  We know you understand the importance of dental health but do your clients?  Many pet owners find their pet’s bad breath bothersome but do not realize how important dental care is to maintaining their pet’s overall health.   February is National Pet Dental Health Month which means it’s time for you to educate your clients on the importance of preventive dental care!

The key to educating your clients about the importance of routine dental care is information.  Most people are unaware that good dental hygiene is just as important for pets as it is for humans.  Pet owners would be less likely to overlook bad breath if they knew it could be a sign of a more serious problem.  As a veterinarian, it is your responsibility to make your clients aware of the symptoms and risks associated with poor dental health.

When educating your clients on pet dental health, the most important message to convey is that much more than just a cosmetic issue, bad breath and yellow teeth can be a sign of dental disease.  Making your clients aware that dental disease can affect their pet’s kidneys, liver and heart will make the importance of dental health hard to ignore.  Your clients need to understand that routine dental care is not just another trip to the vet but an essential part to their pet’s overall health.

How does one effectively communicate the serious effects of poor dental hygiene?  Most practices would agree that monthly reminders are an integral part to their business; however many do not realize that educational reminders are equally as important.  It’s important to understand that when your clients choose to forego preventative dental care, they are generally not saying no.  What your clients are actually saying is that they don’t know enough about the associated risks to make an informed decision.  Take advantage of direct-mail marketing and put the signs and risks associated with dental disease in the hands of your clients. When you communicate directly with your clients about the serious effects of dental disease, it will make their pet’s dental hygiene hard to overlook. 

With February being National Pet Dental Health Month, now is the time to educate your clients on the importance of preventative dental care.  Services like *VetPressOnline can assist you with your direct mailings.  Sending a customized postcard that informs your clients about the importance of their pet’s dental health is a guaranteed way to drive results.

Put an end to the belief that bad breath is just an unfavorable characteristic of owning a pet.  Making your clients aware of the serious effects that poor dental hygiene can have on their pet’s overall health will help move preventative dental care to the top of their priority list this year!

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