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Issue: 62 - Feb 14, 2014
Recruiting Via the Web: With a New Crop of Tools, Even Easier
By: Joe Dysart
Joe Dysart

With technology’s relentless evolution, veterinarians have a fresh crop of digital tools they can use to pinpoint hot recruiting prospects in cyberspace, and grab la crème de la crème before they get away.

Social media sniffers, mobilized career Web sites, and video interviewing have all received major upgrades in the past year, making it even easier for vets to snag a prime candidate.

Of the lot, social media is especially hot, with 94% of businesses surveyed saying they’re currently using the medium to recruit, according to a July 2013 Jobvite Social Recruiting study.

“Social recruiting provides a way to quickly and easily find those ‘under the radar’ candidates – people who might not be actively looking for a role, but who are a perfect fit for open positions at your company,” says Dan Finnigan, president and CEO of Jobvite.

He adds:  “Fast-growing companies can’t wait for a position to open to do individual candidate searches. They need to hire constantly to grow.  That means they need to reach passive candidates, keep an eye on their recruiting pipeline, and constantly engage potential hires -- which is precisely what Jobvite enables them to do.”

Not surprisingly, Facebook and Twitter are the main channels recruiters are using to showcase jobs, according to Jobvite.  All told, 65% of recruiters surveyed are using Facebook -- and 47% of recruiters are using Twitter -- to reach out on the Web for prospects.

Moreover, recruiters say monitoring social media also comes in handy after they’ve made initial contacts with candidates.  Eighteen percent, for example, are using Twitter to vet potential recruits after the interview process, and 25% are using Facebook for the same purpose.

Other key findings of the survey ( of interest:

*One-in-three recruiters reported that social media recruiting has improved both the quantity and quality of candidates they’re fielding

*Referrals via social media represent the highest quality source of candidates, according to 64% of recruiters using social media

*Forty three percent of employees sourced from referrals or business' career pages – many of which have been rendered mobile-friendly during the past year -- stay longer than three years on the job, while only 14% of job board hires stay longer than three years

Moreover, given that everyone and their grandmother seems to walking around with a smartphone these days, many businesses have been rushing to make their Web site career pages mobile-friendly.

“Companies are losing potential candidates simply because they are not equipped to receive candidate submissions from mobile devices, says Mike Pauletich, a vice president at Jibe.

Essentially, Jibe's mobile job search and apply solutions rectify the problem quickly, as does a similar solution from iMomentous.

The beauty of both solutions is that their mobile-friendly jobs sites are designed to interface seamlessly with most popular recruiting software – including much of the recruiting software that businesses are already using on their PCs or via other services.

More employers are also saving valuable time in the recruiting process by leaning on video interviewing services that enable them to get their first look at a candidate over their smartphone, tablet or desktop PC.

Using online service Interview4 (, for example, vets can conduct a live video interview with a candidate on virtually any computerized device. Or they can leave questions for a candidate, which the candidate then answers with video responses that can be reviewed at the vet's leisure.

Pricing starts at $15/interview using Interview4, with volume discounts available. Similar video solutions are available from Montage interview (, InterviewStream (, Jobvite Video ( and Zoom (

"Business communications are typically conveyed by email or printed messages and they typically lack any kind of personal touch," says Steve Throneberry, InterviewStream's Chief Revenue Officer. "ivMessage makes it possible to humanize such messages.”

Here’s a closer look at some of the aforementioned tools for your recruiting needs:

*Jobvite Engage (  Jobvite Engage allows employers to use social media tap into and collect information on ‘passive job candidates,” or candidates who may not be looking for a job, but are of prime interest to growing businesses.

Essentially, the software collects info on prospects from all over the Internet including a candidate's Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles, as well as anything they’ve posted on blogs and personal Web site.

The solution then collates all this info, and creates ‘talent profiles’ on each candidate, which can be referred to time and again.  All data is stored in the same format, and updated in real-time, saving businesses the trouble of having to look visit individual social media networks to update the social media profiles they’ve already captured on potential candidates.

Essentially, the package gives businesses the ability to maintain talent pools updated in real time, greatly increasing their chances of finding that ‘just right’ recruit.

Jobvite Engage also comes with a recruitment advertising tool, which enables a vet to create custom messages that are customized for the tone and feel of each social network.  Using the tool, they can create a recruiting message on LinkedIn, for example, that would be much different from the relatively informal message they’d want to post on Facebook.

*iMomentous Mobile Talent Engagement Platform (  This recruitment tool enables vets to quickly create mobile job Web sites so they can reach out to the mobile phones of prospects.

The resulting mobile Web sites offers a candidate the convenience of applying for a job by using his/her profile on Facebook or LinkedIn, and then uploading a resume that’s stored on Dropbox or Google Drive.

iMomentous also took great pains to enable its mobile Web sites to integrate seamlessly with other recruitment packages that veterinarians may already be using, including Taleo, Success Factors, PeopleSoft, Cornerstone, Silk Road and Kinexa.

Plus, the service enables a vet to analyze candidate use of its iMomentous Web site, so the business can find what’s working design-wise on the site – and what needs to be improved.

*JIBE Apply App (  Similar to iMomentous, JIBE creates and hosts mobile recruitment sites for businesses.  All JIBE mobile jobs sites feature large, easy-to-tap buttons and an easy signup process, which enables job applicants to apply via mobile phone. Plus, resumes can be uploaded via Google Docs, LinkedIn or Dropbox.

Like iMomentous, JIBE Apply App serves as a business’ mobile face to the world, and is designed to interface with a business’ already existing, internal recruitment software.


Joe Dysart is an Internet speaker and business consultant based in Manhattan. 

Voice: (646) 233-4089