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Issue: 43 - Jul 16, 2012
Better Business using the Best Tools.
By: SK Sherman

Everywhere you look there is another story about the swing in pet pharmaceutical sales.  The “big box” stores are encroaching more and more on the revenue that med sales provided for the private vet businesses.


As the economy pushes itself into the “negative” numbers the more the “large volume” stores can pull the business away from the clinic, hospital, etc. by virtue of their buying power.  Even grocery stores are selling pet medicines.  The Internet offers a plethora of places to buy both prescription and non-prescription medicines for your pet.


Well, it was going to happen.  We’ve all heard the horror stories of the Big Box coming to town with “guns ablazing” and driving the smaller guy out of business.


Okay, that’s the way business goes these days.  Yep, it’s a hard pill to swallow but it is not illegal, nor unscrupulous.  Besides it can work in your favor.  It’s another way for your clients to save money. Lots of options for saving means that the pet guardian will be able to afford to continue bringing their pet to your clinic/hospital more often.  After all you are THE doctor and you have the knowledge and the training needed to prescribe the best fix for their pets.  The Big Box is just another conduit in your network of aid that you provide.


Maybe you should use your knowledge of the local business infrastructure to establish a collaboration with the “big box.”  Continued support of the pet guardian can include references to the least expensive source for buying the med.  You might approach the “big box” and establish a “formal” arrangement to get a better deal for your clients.  The “big box” could in turn refer pet owners to your practice.


As medical professionals we still need to concentrate on being certain that wherever our clients buy the meds we recommend that we provide them with the best guidance in buying and using those medicines.


The Interaction Information and the Client Information Sheets that are provided by some medicine software now become paramount to ensuring that the pet receives the correct medicine and that the guardian knows whether the reactions of their pet to the medicine are normal. 


Better Business using the Best Tools.