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Issue: 32 - Aug 15, 2011
Are you Gambling with your Data?
By: Jackie Kempf, Marketing Director, ImproMed, LLC - a Butler Schein Company
ImproMed, LLC

Does your practice currently have an online backup solution? If not, this article is a must-read. And if you do have an online service, this article will make sure that you’re using the one best designed for your practice’s specific needs.


To run your veterinary practice without a secure and reliable solution is truly a gamble. Your critical client, patient, and financial data needs to be backed up, secure, and easily accessible in the event of a virus attack, natural disaster, hardware malfunction, human error, or any other unfortunate circumstance that may fall your way. In order for your business to reduce downtime and ensure customer satisfaction, having a viable recovery plan is crucial. Implementing a data backup solution for your practice helps guarantee seamless business continuity and prevents complete paralysis of critical business operations in the face of an unforeseen data loss emergency.


There are many reasons for not selecting to use an online backup solution including concerns about cost, shortage of time, and ultimately a lack of understanding the importance. However, the best backup solution should be completely automated, and include e-mail notifications in the event that your backup fails or shows inconsistences. The cost for this service is worth the peace of mind that you get from knowing that your information is stored safely. If you ever need to access that information due to a loss, you will get your money back tenfold in terms of the time and hassle you have saved. It is important to note that inexpensive solutions are not always the answer for your practice. If you are currently utilizing an online backup service, we strongly recommend you verify the data being uploaded is accurate and will meet your needs if you should ever need it. In all reality, it is always a good idea to perform periodic checks and audits of all your backup solutions. Knowing how to restore a backup and what processes need to be followed is good practice in the event that you find yourself in a situation where it is business critical.


Businesses that fail to backup their files will have a tough time recreating all of those files, if that is even a possible solution. Important information, including financial data, may be permanently gone which may result in profit loss or reporting difficulties for your business. Even if you are able to re-create your lost information, you will find that the amount of time it takes to achieve this is likely to cause a financial loss for your business.


Key Things to Look for in an Online Backup Solution:

·         Protection of your critical data

·         Customization of your data backup and storage solutions

·         Automatic data transfer

·         Verification of your data

·         Upload monitoring

·         E-mail updates on backup status

·         Data storage


The online backup provider you select should supply a software agent that allows you to select the files to be backed up, manages the internet connection, encrypts and compresses the data before transferring it across the internet to a secure, remote location, and allows you to view and restore the backed up files. Many practice management software companies (PIMS) offer these services to their customers (i.e. ImproMed offers the ImproMed Data Security Solution and AVIMark provides MSS Data Vault). If your PIMS does not support this type of solution, contact them and ask for their recommendation on which online backup service is appropriate for your clinic.


When it comes to protecting your data, no precaution should be spared. A properly managed online backup system will utilize multiple layers of security to insure your business-critical data is protected from loss or corruption.


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